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0 Zareen Khan Lost 43 Kgs weight

Zareen Khan Lost 43 Kgs weight

Zareen Khan is the most talked about names in Bollywood today. From the movie Veer she is famous for her face, figure and Sexcy appearance. In his first point of Song in Movie "Ready". "Character Dheela" is Superhit Song item. She looks very Sexcy and lavishing in the song. But apart from the admiration she had for her performance, was Zareen Khan also faced much criticism for its out-of-shape body. In fact, it reached a point when she was even called 'Fatrina "that she resembled actress Katrina Kaif, only flabbier.

Zarin Khan Lost 43 Kgs weight

Zareen is strenuous training plan was written by fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwalla creating a unified training recipe that helped Zare lose 43 kg. But Zare was not one to sit back and endure such criticism, so she decided to fold the excess fat and choosing a toned body for his role in Sajid Nadiadwala next, "Full House 2."

Zarin Khan Lost 43 Kgs weight

Speaking of military boot camp Yasmin has put her through Zare said, "Each morning, I do pilates for an hour and resistance training three times a week with Yasmin Karachiwalla.With impressive results show Zare is just too are encouraged to train harder." In the next few months, the results will be even more visible, "adds Zare. I also do some swimming and jogging and eating every two hours to increase my metabolism. Sweets and fried foods are a strict no!".

"Over the next few months, the results will be even more visible," adds Zare. Here is a good-bye to flab and welcome to toned abs.

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