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0 Keep Skin Healthy & Fresh in Monsoon

Keep Skin Healthy & Fresh in Monsoon

Monsoon is the time we tend to neglect our skin. As the scorching summer heat prefer we forget to use sunscreen and moisturisers.While monsoon is the saving grace from the scorching summer sun, but also brings about skin concern. Regular cleaning and toning is important during the monsoon to keep looking fresh and healthy.

The result is skin that is exposed to pollution and the wheels under the influence of UV rays. It can also be dry, too oily, are prone to acne, or attract dirt.Those who have dry skin, try the almond paste and honey soap for that perfect skin. Make a paste of about ten almonds and add two tablespoons of honey.

Keep Skin Healthy & Fresh in Monsoon

Cleansing your skin is extremely important to keep it fresh and healthy. To prevent fungal infections, using the right soap. Wash your face regularly, so that your skin continues to breathe easy.

Remember to deep cleanse your skin to get rid of pores clogged by oil and dirt. Monsoon can de-hydrate dry skin and over-hydrate oily skin. Wipe your face dry after washing. If you get wet in the rain, bathing in lukewarm water. In order to avoid the harsh effects of sun and tanning, carrying an umbrella and wear sun when you step out of house.Once mixture is ready, the massage of the face for 5 to 7 minutes and rinse and dry. Those who have a bold face have a very mild soap to get rid of dead cells and debris away from the skin.

Diet plays an important role for your skin. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water regularly to maintain a glow. A good night's sleep will prevent dark circles under eyes

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